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Pictures (Carol's family reunion - a bunch of characters!)
Proofs (The photographer puts them on a web page so each family can pick and order what they want):  Mike and Jeff, Us with Uncle Wally and Aunt Mary, Carol and her sisters.

Maybe some of Japan will show up.

Mike's car

Chickens not part of our career plans! (Well maybe if all else fails)

My favorite Japan picture.  In the background are steam vents in a mountain in the Mt. Fuji area.  This is a popular photo spot.  The people are so nice - a young Japanese woman, using hand gestures,  offered to take our picture using our camera.  When we retrieved the camera saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you", she replied (smiling and giggling), "Gracias, gracias, gracias".  Click on photo for larger version.


Mike, Jeff, and Carol vehemently deny that the above is their family crest!  Click here to see a larger image


Upcoming Birthdays


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